1 -is required to pay any additional fee besides the participation fee?

2- also is accommodation with meals or not included?

3- and please can you identify accommodation in Germany like what you do for Budapest (bed room, shower......)? if you have a picture for it it will be nice
4- how much does it cost to transport from Hungary to Germany?and how?
5- from any embassy should i have visa? Hungary embassy or Germany embassy
6- after transfer fee, i need a letter to  embassy to continue visa procedure?
7- when should i arrive? which airport? when i should leave? which airport ?
8- do you arrange transportation from airport to accommodation place?
9- what if i couldn't have visa. can i take fee?
10- I want to continue for master degree, what is the procedure?

11-Is there any scholarships?


1-2: The program fee allows you to participate at ISU. Accomodation, travel, lunch etc.. are not included.
3: The accomodation in Budapest is reserved at  Martos Hostel
with 2 bed/room with bathroom on each floor. 1 bed/room can also be organized for extra fee.
accomodation in Germany is reseved at:
4: There are trains and flights you can choose. as for airlines : easyjet and airberlin Between NBudapest and Berlin. For trains you can search at
5: you should go to the hungarian embassy
6: First you should get your Visa and than transfer the program fee
7: If you arrive by plane, the closest airport is budapest franz liszt airport.
8: no but public transportation is frequent. tickets:
9: see answer 5
10: about the MSc course please contact Prof. Kardos

11: Scholarship is currently not available.